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Using humor in direct mail campaigns

There is a long standing belief in marketing and advertising circles that the use of humor does not help to generate prospects, new customers or significant returns on investment.

However, many industry experts argue that the main reason this assertion has gained traction is because it has primarily been expressed by luminaries such as David Ogilvy.

"But they obviously weren’t aware that editorial readership surveys have long shown cartoons are the best read and remembered part of magazines and newspapers," writes Bob Martel for the Milford Daily News.

Author and marketing expert Stu Heinecke points out that one of the most effective and accessible means of utilizing humor is through print cartoons.

"Humor is about truth and truth creates agreement," he told the source, "but cartoons do it in such an immediate and disarming way, they are the most effective involvement, engagement and persuasion device ever invented."

Marketers should try offering cartoons or humorous content in their direct mail campaigns. For example, recipients of a comical postcard may enjoy it enough to keep it, perhaps even post it on their refrigerator and thereby optimize the level of exposure to a brand.

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