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Author: Rafael Rivera

Rafael is a content writer for NextDayFlyers. If you're after the latest news in print product design, you can count on him to give you your fix. Outside the office, Rafael spends his time frequenting coffee shops and bookstores.

Poster Power: The Explosive Effects of Poster Printing on Small Businesses

I use the same route going to work every day. And for the past month, I’ve been seeing a poster for a movie that’ll be shown in our local movie theater. I had no plans on seeing it but I gave in eventually. Poster printing has its subtle way of…

Funny Yard Signs: Are They Effective? (With Samples)

Yard signs are unique marketing materials since most of them are voluntarily put up outside someone’s house or business. Yard signs are therefore an extension of a homeowner’s personality and beliefs. That’s why some people and businesses inject humor in their signs as a way to spread their message. But…

5 Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Business Advertising

Having a small budget for advertising shouldn’t discourage marketers from launching campaigns. You’d be surprised how some companies get away with unconventional marketing campaigns that yield outstanding results. These out-of-the-box methods are often referred to as guerilla advertising and they do wonders for small businesses. Here are five easy small…