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Poster Power – Poster Design, Marketing, and Printing

We’ve all seen them – those big stand-out movie posters that are often better than the movie itself. Like miniature, inexpensive, billboards,1 effective posters with innovative designs, catchy text, and colorful presentations, are noticed and remembered. Poster printing will give you the exposure you need for a mass audience.2 An effective poster, that people just want to have and hang up, or even just talk about, can work like an offline viral marketing campaign – great for your return on investment.

Poster Design

  • One Message – Less is More 3
    Your design should promote one message that the reader will understand with a quick glance. The message should be specific and compelling and explain what’s in it for them.2 The less you put on your poster, the easier it will be on the eyes and the more your one message will stand out.
  • Large Fonts & Striking Colors
    Your font choices should be easy to read from a distance – particularly at the top. Use pleasant contrasting colors and short active bold text phrases designed to grab attention “Live Forever – Guaranteed!”
  • Single “point of contact” 3
    Listing only one point of contact, like your website address, can make your life easier. If you direct them to your website they will go there to get their questions answered rather than immediately calling – which can burden your staff with questions that could easily be answered online.

Poster Printing

  • Size & Cost
    Consider where you are going to post your posters before you select your poster size – the further away your audience might be the larger the size you need. Many people shy away from posters because they are worried about the cost. However, professionally printed posters probably don’t cost as much as you think. At Next Day Flyers we currently print seven poster sizes in two different paper types, ranging from 11×17 to the giant 26×39, starting at only $151.95*. A small investment for the mass exposure.

Poster Placement

  • Where to Post
    Posters can go just about anywhere. Post posters in areas frequented by people who have a need for your service, product, or event. Example areas might be universities, churches, hospitals, sport stadiums, coffee houses, storefronts, malls, and any other appropriate place that you want to get your message out to.
  • When to Post
    Timing is, as they say, everything. Is your message seasonal? Putting up a poster for hot chocolate in midsummer doesn’t make the best sense. If you’re promoting an event make sure you put it up in enough time for people to purchase tickets. Watch the news – if there is an event that could negatively influence people about your product, like swine flu and pork products, either wait – or use it! “Help destroy swine flu – eat pork” That’s a message to remember.

As a final note, to really understand the power of posters, consider a campaign with a single image and only six words.  A campaign image that has endured since 1917.4 The image? A pointing Uncle Sam. The words? “I Want You For the U.S. Army.” Now that’s powerful marketing at its best.

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