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Trends Suggest It’s a Good Time to Invest in Direct Mail

Today's marketing landscape is about integration – the utilization of multiple platforms from different media to optimize exposure among several different demographics.

But because the number of marketing channels is on the rise, businesses are forced to invest their resources in some areas more than others, creating a scenario in which pockets of demand are generated.

For example, the hype surrounding digital channels such as social media and search engine marketing has created a vacuum of print direct mail among businesses, signifying for owners a time to reinvest in this channel.

"With the prevalence of email, print mail volumes are low so there is less competition in a mail box. Now is a great time to be seen," writes Greg Brown, director of marketing at Melissa Data. "Saturating a geographic area with a mailing or series of mailings can save small businesses money because these types of mailings are easy for the Post Office to do and they pass the savings onto the mailer. "

But once businesses return to this trend, they can expect demand in other channels to slip as well, so it's important to stay on top of market shifts and act accordingly.

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