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Tips & Bits #4: Quick Tips for Digital Marketing Integration

Quick Tips for Digital Marketing Integration

To give you some ideas on how to integrate social media into your digital marketing mix, take a look at this survey from AWeber Communications that looked at what some small businesses did in 2009:

And here are 10 popular strategies that might help you decide how you want to mix it up for your marketing:

1. Use email-marketing newsletters to announce new LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter feeds, directing readers to social-networking websites for signup.

2. Use Twitter to link followers to your latest blog post or email newsletter online to fuel interest and re-tweets.

3. Include an option to join the company’s social networks in the email-newsletter registration section.

4. Use the sidebar on your email-marketing newsletter to list all company social-networking profiles, and use those profiles to gather email-newsletter signups.

5. Invite customers to participate in YouTube viral-marketing video contests that show real consumers using and enjoying your products or solutions.

6. Read and respond to comments within social networks, developing newsletter or blog articles around topics readers discuss the most.

7. Launch a regular Q&A section in your company’s email newsletter that specifically addresses reader questions across all social-networking platforms.

8. Include a link to your Help forum or YouTube video tutorial within purchase-confirmation emails.

9. Include a social-bookmark console on product pages in case readers want to share your website or products with others.

10. Join relevant LinkedIn and Facebook groups, assigning knowledgeable representatives within your company to answer questions, thus positioning your company as a valuable industry resource.

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