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The White List #6: It’s Not too Late to Make Your Holiday Campaigns Great

Have you put off coming up with a great email strategy this year? Is it too late to create successful holiday campaigns? I mean if you haven’t come up with a strategy yet, should you just give up and throw in the towel? Not according to Marketing Profs. Suzanne Norman who wrote on her blog “There’s still time to implement plans for your holiday email campaigns”

Great! So how do we get started? Here are 4 tips for Successful Holiday Campaigns:

Analyze recent data to uncover what’s working—and what isn’t. If, for example, you notice that click-through rates are higher in your more graphic-rich emails, design the rest of your holiday campaigns accordingly, she advises.

Closely monitor your recipients’ tolerance for increased holiday frequency. “[E]very fatigued subscriber who opts out in December is someone who won’t see your emails at all next year,” she warns. If you are ramping up your frequency for the holidays, “keep a close eye on ye olde opt-out rate,” she advises.

Make it easy for anyone to share your offers and content with friends. Norman cites an Experian study that showed traffic from social networking sites to retail sites rose 37% during the last holiday season.

Use your registration page to tout the exclusive holiday offers that email subscribers receive. With the right incentives, you might build your list and reach an increasingly large audience as the season continues—and stretches into the New Year.

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