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The Role of Emotions in Marketing

Emotions play a central role in peoples' personal lives; it only follows that they would play a part in the business world as well. Consider marketing – an aspect of running any small business that relies perhaps even more so on consumers' emotions than reason.

Direct print mail – be it a postcard, brochure or simple flyer – can even be viewed as a greeting, whereupon a business initiates a relationship with the prospect through emotional triggers such as kindness and consideration.

"Creating a mailing reflective of your genuine care will put recipients at ease because there isn’t a specific call to action," writes Frank Defino for the website Business2Community. "You can use this emotional approach in a variety of ways such as introducing a company, building brand recognition or reinforcing relationships."

From there, marketers can begin to incorporate emotion-based strategies into the rest of their marketing initiatives. Maintaining a focus on the subtle aspect of graphic design and copywriting, for example, can actually help elicit certain responses in consumers.

While consumer confidence hit a three-month low in March, according to the Conference Board, many economists anticipate it will gradually rise in coming months, suggesting businesses need to begin upping their marketing initiatives.

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