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Study Shows Direct Mail’s Significance for Charitable Organizations

A new report released this week by the direct mail services Onepost, W8data and addresses consumers' reactions to charity marketing initiatives and identifies which strategies are most effective.

According to the report, 15 percent of respondents claimed they would not read "poorly addressed" direct mail marketing materials from charities, while 10 percent added it likely has a lasting and negative impact on their perception of the organization.

The poll, which queried some 1,200 adults in the UK, also found consumers would prefer to receive direct mail materials, such as letters or flyers, instead of email, phone calls or even social media contacts.

"The research highlights the preferences of the modern direct mail donor and provides an opportunity for us to build even stronger, long-term relationships," said Adam Bryan, director of partnerships at the Institute of Fundraising. "We should look to continually update our approach to managing both our data and our engagement with donors."

Another recent poll by BtoB magazine may confirm this outlook, as 36.6 percent of respondents who plan to increase their marketing budgets this year plan to focus on direct mail initiatives.

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