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Study reveals benefits of direct mail marketing with CDs and DVDs

A new study conducted by DiscMail Direct and Direct Marketing Association finds that 91 percent of respondents are more likely to open mail containing a CD or DVD in it. Apparently, the tactile sensation of a disc elicits excitement in direct mail recipients.

The study also found that of those who preferred to open mail containing some sort of disc, 73 percent of the more than 800 survey participants would actually play the disc on their computers. However, one of the key points of attraction to consumers is the label of a recognized brand on the disc itself.

"The disc still has tremendous perceived value," said Guy Finley, coalition director of DiscMail Direct, to Direct Marketing News. "When customers see a brand they know and recognize with a disc in it, they are more inclined to check it out, especially if it's a Mercedes or Google versus a no-name."

The research found that many consumers have a positive reaction toward so-called "optical media," with 59 percent believing a DVD is more secure than an email and as many as 85 percent preferring a disc over an email.

"People need to think about discs in a different way," added Finley. "It's about getting digital advertising into their mailbox."

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