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Report suggests data provides the best tool for creative marketing campaigns

A recent report from ExactTarget, an interactive marketing provider, suggests that data has become the foundational element of effective marketing campaigns.

Essentially, this means the growing popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as email and mobile technologies, has provided marketers with unparalleled access to data and information about marketing demographics and targets.

As a result, the report claims, companies should analyze data from these resources and then apply creative multi-channel marketing initiatives that reflect their findings.

"The real-time web has completely redefined and revolutionized consumer expectations, and as a result, it's completely changed the way marketers develop marketing creative and execute campaigns," said Tim Kopp, ExactTarget's chief marketing officer. "The new era of real-time marketing isn’t about print, broadcast, exported data, or interactions alone. It's about strategically combining and using what marketers know about their customers in order to develop marketing creative."

As print marketing continues to forge a path through an increasingly digital world, companies are beginning to embrace traditional methods for novel marketing campaigns. A survey released last month by Epsilon Targeting found young people between the ages of 18 and 34 to actually prefer print or offline marketing materials in almost all industries.

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