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Reconsidering What Works in a Marketing Campaign

It's easy for businesses to blame poor sales on the economy, but this assertion is usually more so a gesture of futility than an argument for change. Said another way, businesses are not entirely at the whim of the economy – their success can be determined through free will, strong products and good ideas.

Accordingly, weak sales may force businesses to take a hard look at what is and isn't working with their marketing strategies. And this is a healthy reflection; ask yourself why your embracing of social media has yielded so little? How strong has your direct mail return on investment been? How is the company logo or graphic element influencing prospects?

"If it isn't pulling as well as it has in the past, that’s a sign that it needs to change," writes Gil Effron for the website Noobpreneur. "The change may involve the message itself and/or the offer. But – and this is more of an issue today than ever – you may be delivering that message through the wrong channels."

The flashy and hype-laden popularity of social media, email and search engine marketing has caused many businesses to forget about print, which still retains an unrivalled power of its own and a niche demographic that cannot be reached through digital media.

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