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Real Estate, Photography and Home Marketing

Photography is an often overlooked aspect of print marketing, but in some industries it is relied upon as the principle means of sparking interest among consumers and prospects.

Take the real estate market, for example, where prospective home-buyers often peruse real estate listings and directories with photographs of homes to find deals, brokers and properties. It is these images that often make or break a buyer’s interest, so sellers tend to “touch them up” to make them more appealing.

However, many industry experts question the ethics of manipulating home photographs by making the colors more vibrant and bright, arguing that such a technique provides a false impression of the home.

“I can believe that, however, even though the bright over saturated colors are attention-getting I’m skeptical that this style will sell very well to more visually sophisticated upper-end agents,” real estate photographer Larry Lohrman told AgentGenius magazine. “There seems to be a bunch of low end agents that really like this style of work and others that hate it.”

However, Lohrman added that this style, known as High Dynamic Range editing, is most often used among novice agents and marketers to promote low-end homes and properties.

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