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Printed Marketing Materials For Education and Awareness

Consumer Action and Capital One Bank recently joined forces to provide a free, multi-lingual financial literacy training workshop for nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C., region. Through the workshop, local community groups will learn how to educate their clients about money management.

As many community organizations cater to populations that do no speak English, information provided at the seminar will also be printed on multi-lingual brochures to be distributed throughout the event. Using the brochures, the program is working to address financial literacy across both income and ethnic barriers. To date, the program has worked with 4,250 community groups and passed out nearly 5 million brochures.

Similarly, Rib-X Pharmaceuticals has called on a printing company to create posters that highlight data from the company’s antibiotic development programs. At the 51st Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy in Chicago, Illinois, this September, the pharmaceutical company will showcase its variety of antibiotic candidates on 17 large, colorful and detailed posters for participants in the event.

Being a scientific event, each poster must be scrutinized for accuracy, so the pharmaceutical company had a third party print the materials to ensure high quality and flawless detailing. The company was able to select the materials, colors and other specifications, without having to allocate time or resources to create the items in house.

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