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Printed Booklets Help To Communicate a Non-Profit’s Mission

Raising awareness of a non-profit organization can be a daunting task. In addition to the limited funds and resources that these groups have to draw from, they are also usually involved in very complicated campaigns and have quite a few details associated with their work. Unlike businesses, which attempt only to make money by providing high-quality and affordable products and services, non-profits have many people and groups that they're beholden to.

For example, some organizations might be funded by grants, donations, merchandise sales and government funds, which help to subsidize a number of different efforts toward helping many groups of people. When consumers give money to organizations like this, they prefer to know how their money is going to spent and who it will benefit. Explaining this process can often be quite difficult.

This is why 5.5×8.5 printed booklets are so effective. In addition to being small enough to be easily transported and read at leisure, they offer eight to 96 pages that can elaborate the story of a non-profit organization in great detail. While such groups may be able to articulate their mission in a few sentences, donors who want to know more will be pleasantly surprised by the details that volunteers can quickly make available to them. 

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