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Print marketing ideas that still work

Nancy Scott, of the print blog "The Digital Nirvana," recently outlined six key print methods that continue to work for businesses and their clients.

As many marketing and print campaigns make the transition to a digital environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for print professionals and traditional marketers to find the right channel for print.

One method that continues to see success is offering discounts and rebates through mailed postcards. With these campaigns, marketers should focus on targeting certain demographics or customer bases.

Specialty newsletters or "newspapers" are packed with information and, if the business has the means and the relevant news to back it, these can be one of the most effective print marketing techniques around.

For classic fundraising initiatives, the traditional letter formats of direct mail have remained popular print marketing techniques.

Scott also suggested offering catalogs with unique configurations, commercial direct mail based on market and consumer research and even mail that is embellished with QR coding to amp up its appeal.

Ultimately, print marketing requires creativity. As the medium becomes more of a traditional format, it is important for businesses to consider how their initiatives will help their operations and how they will affect their bottom line.

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