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Print marketing for startups

Entrepreneurs launching startups face a number of challenges in the early stages of development. However, nothing is more important than getting the word out about your business. It does not matter how brilliant your business model or idea is; if nobody knows about it, nobody will go for it.

This means marketing, and lots of it. A website is a good place to start, but attracting traffic to your site requires full-time devotion, as backlogging, search engine optimization and social media marketing all involve a good deal of expertise and, more importantly, time.

Print materials are often the source that inspires consumers to visit your site. They are cheap and can be distributed inexpensively and in little time.

For the printing itself, it is most likely a good investment to hire a professional service as opposed to using an office or home printer. Consumers are much more adept at recognizing cheaply designed or manufactured brochures, flyers, business cards or whatever other print materials than you may think.

"When you are ready to print your small business marketing materials, you will need to make a choice about printing," writes Microsoft Startup Center. "Using a printing service can save you time and money, and enable you to print your marketing materials and process volume that your office printer cannot handle."

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