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Our Daily Best: Week of June 6th

June brings us the longest days of the year and is also known for being the month in which the most marriages take place. Hope your plans include checking us out every day. We’ll continue to post the best in marketing tips, graphic design inspiration and photographic fun.


We began the week on a serious note with an overview of the FTC’s guidelines for truth in advertising inside Tips & Bits. As Mark Twain once said: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”


The week got off the ground when The Art of Design provided us with a collection of inspiration and instructions on flyers. An exceptionally cost-effective marketing tool, flyers are easy to create with help from a number of tutorials and how-tos you can access right here.


Mark V. rustled up a huge herd of tutorials, tips, FREE goodies, ideas and inspiration for this edition of Graphic Design Roundup.You’ll also be fascinated by eye tracking studies, designers to follow on Twitter, and a debate on Design: Web vs. Print.


Picture this: advice on avoiding mistakes, tips on panoramic photography, a discussion of depth of field, exploring lighting vs. composition and a guide to getting the idea cover shot – plus an amazing story that spans 18 years. It’s all part of a Photobomb that just may blow your mind.


The week comes to a close with a selection of topics ranging from the practical to the aspirational. Good luck and have a wonderful weekend. See on the other side of Sunday!

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