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New Product Release – Bring them in With a Window Cling!

Recently updated on February 11th, 2021 at 07:06 pm

Get a window cling for your store window and vehicle promotions at NextDayFlyers. We’re offering yet another fantastic product for our small business customers to promote their stores, restaurants, offices, bars, etc. At a very affordable price, you can get a window cling to add color and excitement to your shop promotions and bring customers inside your store. With our new window clings in huge range custom and standard sizes, we’re giving you the chance to stick it to the competition with a product that sets your business apart.

What is a Window Cling?

A window cling is similar to a window and vehicle decal but is superior in every way! Unlike the old-fashioned window stickers, a window cling can be taken down, re-positioned, and re-used. There’s no glue on a window cling, therefore it’s not a permanent window sign that can’t be taken down without tearing and doesn’t leave behind a sticky mess. A window cling uses the wrinkle-free sticking power of static to adhere to glass and other smooth surfaces.

Now we know what a window cling is, here’s a few uses for this fantastic product:

Window Decoration Clings

As seen in the image above, a series of window clings can transform a plain store window into a beautiful and inviting promotion. They are available from our site in 24”x 36” and in enormous custom sizes.

Window Clings on White Vinyl

As well as offering clear vinyl for store window clings, we also offer white vinyl to make logo clings with added color and contrast. White vinyl clings are also used for security reasons – to mask off certain areas of your store.


Poster Cling

With window clings, you can create full-color posters for windows in stores, trade show venues, sports venues, shopping malls, and anywhere else where there are windows and opportunities to advertise your event.

Vehicle Cling

For SUV’s, trucks, and company vehicles, a big window cling in your back window is the perfect way to advertise your business to drivers and passers-by. It’s such an inexpensive way to get your name and number out there!

These are just a small sample of the ways in which you can use window clings to advertise your business. Get your window clings from NextDayFlyers today and start promoting your business in a new and exciting way!

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