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Crystal’s Cubicle of Flyers

Next day flyers customer service team

Editor’s note: At NextDayFlyers, we are very lucky to have some fantastic employees who genuinely care about your prints and who work hard to ensure that they are as awesome and brilliant as you are! Here is a blog article was written by one of our employees, Crystal, who’s desk at our office has become a shrine to all the weird, cool, and brilliant customers we have.

Sometimes on my break, you will find me wandering around our warehouse looking at some of the most cool, awesome, outrageous, interesting, and pretty flyers you will ever see. I have a habit of collecting these flyers and posting them at my cubicle. It’s a great way to decorate my work area and a fantastic way to connect with our customers. Every day when I come to work I look around my desk and I feel appreciative of the creativity that others share with us.

next day flyers customer service team
Close up of Crystal’s cubicle with all the brilliant posters, flyers and prints she’s collected
next day flyers customer service team
Amazing die-cuts, wondrous illustrations, and stunning artwork cover the walls of Crystal’s cubicle!



frankenstein club flyer
Super-cool flyer that draws inspiration from classic Boris Karloff horror!

1. My first pick is this Frankenstein flyer. I grew up with the old horror classics and Frankenstein happens to be one of my all time favorites. When I saw this flyer with the monsters bride theme, it caused me to stroll down memory lane! Friday night at my uncle’s house with popcorn and a good old fashioned scary movie is a priceless memory that this flyer helps me remember.


donut die cut print
This donut die cut looks so real….good enough to eat!

2. My second is this cool die-cut we produced for a customer. This was given to me by a co-worker who knows how much of a donut freak I am, especially chocolate covered donuts with sprinkles! It looks so real and yummy! When I’m having an indulgent kind of day ,I look over at this flyer and remind myself to stop by my local donut shop for a sweet treat! The other reason why I was given this donut flyer is because they knew how much of a Simpson’s fan I am, which brings me to my number three pick.


homer simpson flyer
Ummm! Braiiins! (Homer hanging out at Crystal’s Cubicle)

3. My third pick is this awesome flyer I came across the other day. Me and the Simpson’s go way back. They were a big part of my childhood (and still a big part of my adulthood.) From the pressures of school to the pressures of just living life, nothing is more relaxing to me than coming home and throwing on an episode of this hilarious sitcom and laughing my stress away! Even a printed material of the Simpsons brings laughter to me! “Working stiff” after 8 hours of typing, my hands can relate to this image.


cats flyers
Cats, Cats, Cats, flyers at Crystal’s Desk

4. My fourth pick is this 11.5″x3″ flyer we recently produced. I saw this and immediately thought CATS! It is a simple flyer with the words cats and meow on it, but the words and type remind me of the musical Cats. I’ve seen the musical Cat’s and it was a great show – the flyer represents an enjoyable night that I got to experience.



tim burton flyer
Front and back of the Prom of Doom flyer, pinned to Crystal’s cubicle wall

5. My fifth pick is this interesting flyer I saw sitting on a box. It’s interesting to me because it celebrates “Sweeney Todd” and the work of movie director Tim Burton who is a genius in my book; I follow his movies and love his amazing imagination. I really like the font on this flyer. It makes the picture seem all-the-more creepy; the headline “Prom of Doom” makes you want to pick it up and read it, another reason why I think this flyer stands out.


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