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Introducing 4 Powerful NEW Products to Successfully Promote Your Business!

Recently updated on November 6th, 2017 at 07:06 pm

NextDayFlyers has a wonderful mix of customers who rely on all kinds of print products to market their businesses. Some months ago we asked you, our customers, “What print products we should be offering on our site that would help most with your marketing efforts?”

We listened to you and added your most requested products to our site portfolio. Here is a list of those products and a few ways to use them (all the following products can now be ordered from our website!)

Presentation Folders

Add your logo, graphics, business card, and documents to a brilliantly printed presentation folder.

Here is a top idea for presentation folders:

Sales Presentations

Sales people use presentation folders as info packets to support the sale of their products and services. Use them to hold brochures, sell sheets, samples price lists, sales collateral, and other information. Hand them out on your sales calls or mail them directly to clients.



You no longer have to send dull, white envelopes to your clients and contacts! Put your logo on an envelope and personalize the heck out of it!

Here is a top idea for personalizing your envelopes:


Get Envelopes for All Your Documents

Companies such as tax consultants (above), banks, law offices, real estate agents, marketing companies and other businesses need to regularly send different sizes of documents to clients and customers. NextDayFlyers is providing a wide range of sizes so that you can send everything from invoices to booklets with your brand message on.



We are now offering the highest quality offset-printed invites that add that extra touch of class and distinction to every occasion.

Here is a top idea for personalized invitations:

Create FUN Invitations for Events and Business Functions

An invitation represents a time for businesses to lighten up and have a bit of fun! Have a Valentine’s Day business mixer or make an entertaining event out of a grand opening or sales drive. Create something that draws attention to your business with colorful invitations from NextDayFlyers.


Table Tents

Put your message right where the action is – where your customers gather! We have the ideal table tent product for restaurants, bars, hotels, and other business.

Here is a top idea for table tents:

Bar and Nightclub Promotions

Used extensively in the bar trade, table tents are incredibly useful for special drinks offers, lunch menus, bar events, and other special promotions and events. In full view of your customers, while they order, they become irresistible offers! A table tent is also particularly useful for sports bars to advertise their big games or sports schedules to ensure repeat custom.

Go to our site today, and try out the exceptional quality of our presentation folders, envelopes, invitations and table tents for yourself. With our no-risk money-back guarantee, we promise you’ll love our new products just as much as the rest of our brilliant prints!


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