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New Product Release – Let’s Give a Big Hand for Banners & Stands!

We’re celebrating more new products as banners and banner stands roll off the production line and into your offices, event locations, tradeshow booths, and stores. These are already making quite an impression on our customers as they get ready for holiday sales, events, and promotions. These big and bold products are certain to maximize your marketing impact are available in banner sizes from 2’ x 3’ to 10’ x 5’ and as 33.5″ x 79″ retractable banners for your portable promotions.

Here are some great ideas for banner promotions and uses:

Banners in all Shapes, Colors and Sizes!

Whether you want small banners, big banners, or “holy-heck” gargantuan banners, NextDayFlyers has you covered. We not only provide standard banner sizes, but we are also offering custom banners via our instant quote site feature.

What do you need a banner for? There are so many possibilities for banners. Here are just a few:

  • A portable sign to take to trade shows, events, festivals, or construction sites
  • A street advertisement for your salon, restaurant, food truck, or other business
  • An event banner for your bar, sports bar, or club venue
  • A large banner for your street festival, concert, or theatre event
  • A personal banner for a big family get-together or party
  • A temporary logo-sign for a newly-acquired business
  • Church banners

Here is an example of a great banner use. The property company has used a nice big banner facing the road to advertise their rental spaces. A full color banner with a pleasing design on it is so effective at bringing people to your business. This banner works in two distinct ways:

A) As a temporary and affordable way to promote something

B) As a way to physically direct people to your store, property, or sale

Whatever you choose to use banners for, you can order yours at NextDayFlyers today – in plenty of time for all your holiday offers and promotions.


Time to Get Cool and Easy with Retractable Banners!

Fling it in the trunk of your car and go! It’s a portable wonder for the on-the-go businessman who needs a quick sign solution for their point-of-sale, tradeshow, conferences, store promotions, or other sales offers. With a flick-of-the-wrist, you can turn a 3-inch aluminum tube into a 33.5 x 79-inch standing banner! Printed on photo-glossy material, your designs will look incredibly sharp and eye-catching.

Here is an example of a great use of retractable banners. This store has used a series of them to effectively advertise a new range of products. Used by product owners, store reps and store managers alike, retractable banners represent the best solution for product offers in salons, health spas, and anywhere else where there are products to be advertised and commissions to be made!

Go to NextDayFlyers today to create your banners and banner stands to boost your marketing efforts. Get them now for all your holiday offers and seasonal events.

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