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NextDayFlyers Introduces NEW Folders! Present Personalized Reports and Documents in High-Resolution Print Quality

Recently updated on November 17th, 2017 at 10:52 pm

We’re putting presentation folders on your conference table! Get yours today at NextDayFlyers as we roll-out this fantastic new product with a host of other new products to put in your marketing arsenal.

Available in 9” x12”, 9”x 14”, 6” x 9”, and 4”x 9” sizes, you can add your full-color logo and graphics to create custom printed presentation folder for samples, sales reports, legal documents and other presentation materials. Our presentation folders also have a business card holder option to add to either pocket.

Presentation folders are not only the ideal product for polished presentations, but they also represent a practical solution for organizing your important papers – ensuring that important data and documents are bundled away in one easy-package, ready to show to clients and customers. With all the sizes we are offering, you can use presentation folders in many different ways.

Here’s a quick guide to some uses that you may not have considered:


Press Kits

Use presentation folders as campaign kits for press releases. Media companies, political organizations, marketing companies and other businesses use presentation folders to distribute information packets for new products, ideas, movie releases and other data they want to share with media and news sources.

Sales Presentations

Sales people use presentation folders as info packets to support the sale of their products and services. Use them to hold brochures, sell-sheets, samples price lists, sales collateral and other information. Hand them out on your sales calls or mail them directly to clients.


real estate presentation folder

Real Estate Papers

Put your closing papers, legal documents, and other important papers in a neat package to take to closing discussions and client meetings. Real estate agents often keep pocket folders handy to make document management easier and to ensure that they are always carrying the right paperwork should there be an opportunity to make an on-the-spot deal. At NextDayFlyers, we provide legal sized folders to house all your necessary documents.

mini presentation folder

Hotel Welcome Kit

Our 4×9 mini-folders make the perfect little package for custom printed hotel welcome packages. It has handy business card holder-slits for key cards (add slits on both sides if you want to give a spare out) and two pockets to put a welcome note, receipt, room info, menu and other info. A custom printed welcome pack with your hotel logo on it is a classy and practical solution for your hotel guests

These are just a few examples of the many businesses that regularly purchase presentation folders for their marketing needs. The following list represents more industries that rely on folders and mini-folders to present vouchers, portfolios, invoices, receipts, gift certificates, itineraries, payment plans, health plans and so much more:

  • Banks and financial consultants
  • Catering companies
  • Event Planners
  • Graphic arts professionals
  • Health and sports clubs
  • Medical and health providers
  • Pension planners
  • Photographers
  • Publishing companies
  • Spas and day spas
  • Travel companies
  • Wedding coordinators

A custom printed folder not only looks professional and stylish, but it also ensures that important data and documents are kept neat and tidy. Choose NexDayFlyers for your folder printing today, and make certain that your marketing, business, and legal presentation folders get the exceptional print treatment they deserve.


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