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Our Daily Best: Week of Jan. 24th

Another week gone and another round of self improvement! We spent time trying to improve your online rep, your postcards, your designs and your camera. This is Our Daily Best so that we can make you the best daily.


ORM – Online Reputation Management. You might know what it is and chances are you are not doing it as well as you need to. That’s why for Monday’s Marketing Tips & Bits, we brought you a slew of tips and bits to Manage Your Online Reputation with Social Media, including the Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For.


Our second installment of our newest NDF blog article, The Art of Design, Mark focused on the art of designing postcards. Design one of the grandfathers of marketing with the hipness of Justin Bieber, using inspiration from the self-declared Most Creative Postcards on the Internet!


105 FREE PSD Logos. Wow. That is just part of the huge Graphic Design Roundup post that hit Wednesday, along with Funny Business Cards, 3D Typography, Infographics and lots more!


Have an old PC lying around? Then why haven’t you made a shutter release cable for your camera?? Paul gave this wonderful DIY idea along with food photography tips, getting published in magazines, and the sad death of the photographic lightroom; it was a mega (Photo)bomb on Thursday.

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