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Marketing: Give Back AND Get Ahead – New Program for Next Day Flyers

Todays relationship-oriented marketing climate, combined with the current state of the economy, makes this the perfect time to create promotional programs that help your company grow, while at the same time increasing your profits. Lots of companies have programs that give back to the community.

Target has their Target Resources Fundraising, Inc. that allows the customer to give back to their selected school. Little Ceasars and Krispy Krème Donuts can also help you raise some “dough” for your community. This new age of large scale social networking broadens the opportunity for, small one on one, giving back; such as recommending a new Facebook friend.

As well as, larger collaborative programs designed by the social networking site called Ziggs. Ziggs has deals with both Starbucks and so you can easily send customer credits for either retailer.1

So, get inspired, take stock, and examine your products and services. We challenge you to create unique and powerful programs that give back to the community while at the same time helping your own business, and other businesses, to grow and therefore boosting the economy. We’d love to hear what you come up with.

Introducing Next Day Flyers Effortless Fundraising Program

We’ve created a new program that allows organizations and businesses to partner with Next Day Flyers for an effortless rewards program. Educational institutions, nonprofits, and other organizations and businesses select Next Day Flyers as their official online printer. Then, associated families, friends, and staff raise funds simply by ordering the printing they need. We provide, at no cost, the online means and technical support for the program to succeed. Associated families, friends, and staff get the printing they want at low prices and their school, business, nonprofit or organization receive much needed money.

If your business or organization is interested in our new program, please fill out our Effortless Fundraising Contact Form: Church or School


  1. How Do I Love Thee…? Ten Tips for Using Web 2.0 to Give Back to Your Professional Network
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