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Marketing at industry trade shows

Trade shows are an important venue for small businesses to market their products and services. They offer the ability to promote your company alongside industry bigwigs and executives – essentially leveling the playing field to the massive number of prospective consumers that usually attend the gatherings.

Scott Lorenz, president of public relations and marketing firm Westwind Communications, advises that trade shows are face-to-face marketing opportunities that should be approached with print as the main focus.

"Be prepared," he writes for Expert Click. "Plan months in advance so that you have all the appropriate collateral material such as brochures, flyers, samples and business cards. Last-minute printing and shipping add unnecessary costs to the project."

He also advises trade show participants to ensure that everyone in the company's booth be fully aware of marketing targets and pitches and be informed about the offered products and services to the fullest extent.

With so much potential riding on trade shows, marketers cannot afford to sacrifice sales to uninformed or even ignorant employees.

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