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Marketers must be creative and analytical to launch a successful campaign

To be a successful direct marketing professional requires an analytical, as well as creative, approach to every campaign.

Business 2 Community Magazine reported that any efforts on the creative side of a campaign must be quantified and qualified by the analytical side, while marketers who thrive on conventional tools, such as spreadsheets and data, must stay open-minded to unfamiliar, unsupported ideas. Because most marketers are not strong in both traits, the news source shared some tips to help create a successful direct marketing campaign.

For marketers who focus on numbers and not creative phrasing, it is important to give new ideas a try, create the rules of engagement to follow and understand that they are good at deciding content not presentation, the news source said.

Marketers who love to create elaborate multimedia projects but hate analytics must remember to follow the rules of engagement so the campaign can be launched efficiently, must also explore explore new, creative ideas while staying focused so the campaign can be measured for effectiveness.

A recent study from The Creative Group, found 64 percent of participants believe creative professionals in the advertising, design and marketing fields will have more influence in their companies' business decision in the next three to five years. Creative professionals think their workloads will increase during the next half decade, as 85 percent said they anticipate being more connected to the office outside of business hours by 2016.

Executive director of The Creative Group, Donna Farrugia, said, "Being flexible is key to surviving and thriving in the creative industry of the future." 

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