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Making company newsletters efficient and relevant

As news services increasingly move toward a web-focused foundation, news consumers are beginning to view print news such as newspapers and magazines with a new appeal. Small businesses can jump on this trend as well, as company newsletters can offer a unique marketing opportunity.

But such an endeavor is a serious investment, and if your newsletter does not provide customers or even random consumers with valued information, they will cast it away, and your marketing prospect along with it.

"Educate, inform and entertain: the content of your newsletter should accomplish all of these three elements," writes the New England Business Bulletin. "The information should have value to your readers and provide them with useful ideas that they and their business can benefit from. It should be helpful to them and solve a problem or answer a question. Keep it interesting and entertaining so that they not only learn something but also enjoy the experience."

It is also important to be efficient with how many newsletters you print. Rolling out thousands of aimlessly released editions may spread the word about your business. But isolating leads and targeting specific consumers at trade shows, business meetings and sales presentations will be much more effective in attracting the attention of prospects.

When finished, newsletters can also be digitally transferred so they may be available through email lists or membership groups.

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