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Logos that Convert! A Guide to Creating a More Modern Church Logo Design

Religious people understand better than most the power of symbolism in representing an organization. For hundreds of years, churchgoers have rallied around symbols and seen themselves and their religion represented in the powerful images that Christianity has created as a visual language. In the same way, a great church logo design can generate similar feelings to the cross, dove, lamb, candle, Madonna and Child, and other symbols that mean so much to the Christian communities. In fact, these common religious symbols are typically integrated into a church logo design to make an obvious and instantaneous connection with Christianity.

However, progressive religious organizations are tending to move away from this strict religious symbolism and are starting to create their own visual language that’s more aligned with modern design aesthetic, fashion, company branding, and marketing practices. When it comes to websites, social media platforms, landing pages, and the necessary evils of page conversion and optimization, a company image and brand has to resonate with new customers and modern tastes. It is a necessary step when growing your church organization and bringing new people into the church community.

Whatever you think of this modern trend for less traditional religious imagery, there’s no denying how amazing these five brand examples are, and how effective they are as church logo designs.

first congregational church logo

Original source:

The logo images above are the equivalent of a logo design tutorial that shows us how a logo is developed from sketch to print. Created for the First Congregational Church by Makenzie Scott from Carbondale, Illinois, the final logo is a young and lively design that mixes both modern and traditional elements to reflect a contemporary organization. 

It’s interesting in this example to see the many thumbnails of ideas for the logo that run the gamut of very austere Christian symbolism, to architectural treatments, to a more modern take on a religious logo. In comparison to some of the initial sketches, the final design has a really nice, laid-back vibe to it that feels joyous and welcoming. It subtlety incorporates flame symbolism into a hand-drawn font treatment that represents First Congregational as a very personal and personable organization.

modern church logo

Original source:

This church logo design by talented designer Erin Jeffries for the Cornerstone Church in Portland, Oregon, is a perfect example of modern and progressive imagery. It uses a subtle representation of the cross and presents a three-sectional design that illustrates the three spiritual missions of the church: share the gospel, create disciples, and serve together.

There is purpose and meaning in the logo design, which gives it a great deal of weight and significance. It’s also beautifully modern with a super-clean design aesthetic. The examples of its uses on webpages and banners reveals just how modern and even somewhat “futuristic” it is.

copper pointe church logo

Original source:

Kyle Stake from Albuquerque created this branding and identity package for Copper Pointe Church. The church went through some drastic changes from being a very traditional church to becoming a progressive church that was centered on reaching future generations. A new and fresh identity was needed to convey that message.

This was done very successfully with some amazing design choices. The green and gray color combination is earthy and organic, and the use of modern fonts and unconventional shapes creates a very sophisticated logo identity. The products and image as a whole has a brilliantly uniformed and considered look. It is appealing to a young, design-conscious audience.

waterloo church logo design

Original source:

This example shows a logo design for a church in Austin by awesome designer Quincy Harriman. His clever logo incorporates a “W” and “A” symbol that stands for “Waterloo, Austin.” This visual icon has an important meaning for a community-proud church organization that wants to celebrate its location and origins.

In the example above, we see the logo used in many different print applications. It feels very businesslike in appearance, but also has a young, trendy, and contemporary feel. It’s simple, but visually modern and effective.

project church logo design

Original source:

Prodigy Pixel is an award-winning creative agency based in Springfield, Missouri. They created this logo and branding design for a church in Sacramento. They wanted the logo to appeal to a young demographic, and so created something relevant, simple, and adaptable to youth groups, ministries, and other church projects.

They cleverly designed the logo with a forward-facing arrow motif to describe a forward-thinking church movement. In addition, the logo has modern and traditional typography elements to reflect both traditional values and modern perspectives. The cool logo is directly appealing to the young and creative crowd that Project Church wants to attract.

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