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Photoshop Text Effects Tutorial: 3 Easy Effects to Transform Your Flyer Designs

Are you tired of those Photoshop tutorials that are so complex that you need a degree in quantum theory to detangle? Well you’re in luck because in this Photoshop tutorial we have provided 3 extra-fancy Photoshop text effects that take under 5 minutes each to create. They won’t add a touch of “joi de vivre” to your flyer designs or other graphic projects. Many Photoshop effects can be uber complicated and take a lot of advanced skill…not these. These 3 tutorials are perfect for beginners and advanced users alike and represent a quick-as-you-like text solution. We have also included the original Photoshop files for you to download and reference.

Gold (PSD) Font Effect


1. Create your text using a nice, big, fat font. Duplicate your font layer and hide it for later use.

2. To your original font layer, add the following layer styles using similar color choices and the same menu choices:







3. Here’s how the font layer looks with all effects applied.


4.  Add the following effects to your duplicate font layer:



gold font

5. Once the effects are added, your duplicate font layer should look like this:

gold font

6. Move the duplicate font layer under your original font layer to give the effect some depth.


7. Add some cool “gold stamp” effects by creating a simple shape from your shape library. Copy your layer style from the original  copy layer (right click and select “copy layer style” from drop down menu) and paste the layer style into your simple shape layer (minus the drop shadow.)

gold photoshop effect

8. To add the gold “sparkles”, create a new layer and new path using the path menu. Then draw a simple star shape using your pen tool.


9. Right click on your path layer and select fill path. Fill the selected path with white.


10. Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and add a 2.1 pixel radius to your shape to make your shape into a light sparkle

easy gold psd font effect

11. Copy and paste your sparkle layers, placing them in selective spots and using your transform tool to rotate and resize as needed.


Neon (PSD) Font Effect

neon style font effect photoshop1. This font requires a dark background to get the best results; create a dark background layer. 2. Create a white font layer. Duplicate the font layer, place underneath in layer order, and hide it for later use. 3. Rasterize your original font layer and then apply a layer style  by going to  Layer>Layer Style>Gradient Overlay. Choose a “normal”  blend mode and move the opacity bar to around 70%. Choose a colorful  gradient  from your gradient menu and set the style to “linear”. The scale should be at around 70%.


4.  With the same layer selected, go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and  set the pixel radius to 3.5.neon_font_effect_2


5. Activate your duplicate layer, and repeat the same blur effect Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. This time, set the pixel radius to 1.0

6. Add the following layer effects to your duplicate layer

neon psd font effect


7. When all layers are active and aligned, the final effect looks like this:

neon font effect for photoshop


3D Retro (PSD) Effect

3d photoshop font effect 1.This is a really easy text effect that consists of copying and pasting multiple text layers to create a 3d appearance. Create your original text layer (white) using the following layer style menu settings:






 2. Once the layer styles have been applied, the font looks like this: spring_3D_font_effect_6 3. Copy font layer and place layer beneath the original in layer order. spring_3D_font_effect_7 4. Repeat this 3 more times to create the 3D effect. 3D text effect for Photoshop

                   <<DOWNLOAD THIS PSD 3D TEXT EFFECT>>

  • This completes this quick and dirty Photoshop tutorial. Apply these cool effects to your flyers, business cards, postcards, stickers, and other projects as soon as possible – go to our main NextDayFlyers site to order them today!


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