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Lifestyle survey details consumers advertising preferences

According to Scoop Independent News Source, the Lifestyle survey is New Zealand’s most comprehensive survey for finding out the preferences of its residents.

The survey asked households 56 questions about a variety of preferences. Scoop reported that the data collected from the survey is used by the New Zealand Post for its marketing databases as well as for providing commercial clients with valuable consumer information. The survey results help tailor a more personalized direct marketing campaign catering to consumers’ reported tastes.

The New Zealand Post General Manager of Integrated Communications, Dr. Sohail Choudhry, tells Scoop that collecting personal preferences is a key component to any modern marketing strategy, as long as the company is transparent with its intentions for the data.

However, Choudhry said that with the rise of social media, people will be relinquishing personal information without realizing it will be used for targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.

“There are tremendous benefits for the consumer for companies and organizations having a clearer picture of people’s likes and dislikes,” Choudhry told the news source, “but that shouldn’t be at the cost of privacy.”

Categories the survey derives consumer preferences from include vehicles, finances, shopping and travel. These industries can learn from the data what and how to appeal to customers.

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