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Knowing audience plays major role in successful B2B marketing

Debra Andrews from Business 2 Community recently said that direct mailing to businesses requires a different strategy than marketing directly to consumers.

Marketers need to know their marketing materials may not be reaching decision makers in businesses, but rather someone in charge of gathering information and presenting it to the decision makers, according to a Thomson Local report. This means the messages sent to businesses must be clear and concise, engaging, polished and professional. Andrews said that the information must be easily translated from staff member to executive, and the presentation should be "button-up."

"Once organizations understand the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, it is much easier to develop a highly strategic marketing plan for your company," said Andrews.

After developing a message and marketing materials, it is helpful to know that the print materials reach their destinations. UPS Mail Innovations recently announced that tracking information for shipments is now available on

The tracking information on follows the mail pieces from the moment they are picked up for processing to the point when the pieces are handed off to USPS for final delivery. This new addition to their services is in response to reporting 26.2 million tracking requests per day.  

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