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Internet marketing to surpass print by 2013

Spending on web marketing is expected to surpass print within the next few years, according to a new report by MagnaGlobal. Total spending on internet marketing will reach $117 billion worldwide in 2013, surpassing newspapers for the first time.

The study also projected a 5.4 percent in advertising – up from 4.2 percent in a previous study – to reach $412 billion.

Brian Wieser, global director of forecasting for MagnaGlobal, will tell this week's annual Global Media and Communications Conference that marketing growth in 2010 came off a dismal 2009.

"This creates a distorted perception, but 2011 will grow at a historically healthy cliff," he will say, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Despite the expectation that web marketing will surpass internet over the next few years, most experts assert that print will remain a viable marketing medium. In the new web-dominated media world, the most effective campaigns will embrace multichannel marketing – initiatives that utilize direct mail, print advertising, email, SEO and a range of other mediums.

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