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Increased Direct Mail Initiatives = Local Economic Growth

The American Marketing & Publishing LLC reported that Valparaiso, Indiana, showed an 18 percent increase in local business advertisements in its 2011 edition of the Valparaiso HomePages Directory.

The U.S. Postal Service reported delivering 36,800 copies of the directory to every address or post office box holder, each filled with 459 local business advertisements. Neal Polachek, president of BIA/Kelsey media consulting and advisory services, said that local and community directories and direct mail have been barometers of the local economy for a long time.

"Many small businesses are often among the more sophisticated advertisers and as such, they generally have their thumb on the pulse of the economy and they tend to know what advertising works," said Polachek.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 79 percent of B2B marketing professionals found direct mail to either be effective or very effective. The study found that the companies finding success with direct mail were those offering business services. The results illustrated a need to understand the consumer and target them efficiently with a sophisticated database and demographic categorization.  

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