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In Light of Low Consumer Attention, Copy Must Be Engaging

Today's newest and most innovative technologies are exactly that: new and innovative. But they have also helped create a faster-paced world, where consumers and individuals take for granted the wide swaths of information available to them, preferring instead to skim or merely peruse content.

For that reason, marketing and advertising copy – be it online or offline – has become more important than ever. With consumers offering so little of their time to marketing ploys, businesses need to be as efficient as possible, while also diverting the focus of attention away from themselves.

"Just as you are turned off by someone who assaults you at a networking event by shoving their business card at you, your audience will be turned off if your marketing materials have too much marketing in them," writes Maureen Condon for the MetroWest Daily News.

"Think about ways to offer value at every point of contact," she adds.

To ensure that audiences are not turned off by your material, get creative and always consider ways to make it more interesting. This may mean providing news or advice, inciting them to act through surveys or limited-time offerings or finding ways to entertain readers.

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