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How Direct Marketing Was Used To Beat The Great Recession

A panel discussion at the MeritDirect Business Mailer's Co-op and Interactive Marketing Conference addressed how successful business executives survived the Great Recession by returning to direct marketing fundamentals.

Direct Marketing News reported Keith Grabow, vice president of global marketing at Myron Manufacturing, said the company focused on a value metric which helps determine whether the company is getting a return on its marketing investments.

The company was able to compare the different marketing initiatives and find out which efforts were producing the best results so as to adjust their strategy and resource allocation accordingly, the news source reported. The use of direct mail enabled them to hit certain target audiences and track any progress made.

Even dentists have turned to direct marketing as the smartest way to reach local customers with personalized messages through postcards. The Visible Dentist said postcards have proven their effectiveness in dental marketing due to their ability to grab consumers' attention with designs and graphics, remind people of the services and offer contact information and target specific consumers with messages that cater to their circumstance. 

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