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Focusing Direct Marketing Initiatives on the Right Individuals

Direct marketers are tasked with a litany of responsibilities in ensuring that their clients and businesses are afforded top promotional and advertising services. For that reason, it is an understandably high-stress field.

Whether professionals are creating a direct print mail campaign or an email promotion, at some point they need to determine their targeted audiences and stick to it, focusing on the end result as opposed to a simple step in the sales chain of events.

"We ought to be more focused on sales conversions, not lead creation," Gary Skidmore, president of Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing, points out as an example to B-to-B magazine. "Lead creation is, or should be, part of our jobs as b-to-b direct marketers; but the important metric we all need to commit to is sales conversions."

John Coe, president of the Sales & Marketing Institute, added that marketers need to focus on individuals who are the decision-makers for their companies. Accordingly, marketers may want to personalize their direct mail efforts, addressing executives by name and offering content that is personally relevant to them.

A recent study by MagnaGlobal projected direct media advertising revenue will grow 0.8 percent this year – a slim figure, but an improvement that should suggest to small businesses that they need to up their direct marketing initiatives to stay in line with the competition.

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