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Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Story

Storytelling is an ancient art form that expresses itself through a variety of creative mediums in today's society, so why shouldn't it be extended to the world of marketing? If the idea of fiction and storytelling appeal to so many different people, then that should be a sign of a promising marketing idea.

This line of reasoning has generated a stir of demand for print marketing that are able to tell a story – not necessarily in long-format, but through multiple advertisements, campaigns, mailings, TV spots and other channels.

However, print media is perhaps the most effective channel for the medium because it provides a textual platform from which audiences can read or observe at will.

"Print is not passe. It is not fading. It remains a very effective media to reach out to the audience. The newspaper remains a very effective mode of communicating with our customers," Ho Kay Tat, executive director and chief operating officer of The Star, said at the Effie Effectiveness Bootcamp 2011 this week.

Even so, it is important to forge a multichannel strategy – not only in storytelling marketing, but in virtually all other forms as well.

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