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Direct mail marketing tips for entrepreneurs

When launching a business, entrepreneurs face a number of challenges, including establishing an effective marketing campaign to spread the word about their new company.

One of the most cost-efficient marketing tools startup businesses can utilize is direct mail. Although the U.S. Postal Service has announced it will likely cut down on the number of days it operates, direct mail can help entrepreneurs place marketing and promotional materials within the palms of prospects' hands.

However, it is important that small business owners do not get carried away with excitement.

"If you sound too much like a used car salesman you’ll end up in the garbage faster than you can say garbage," writes the blog Understanding Marketing. "Practice the art of generating excitement without using too much hype."

Ultimately, marketing is an ongoing field of research – a resource from which businesses can draw inspiration, knowledge and expertise. Stay informed on contemporary trends such as QR codes and social media, and delve into case studies so as to better inform your own strategies.

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