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Direct mail is reviewed by consumers more than indirect

While there are many ways to get your print marketing materials into the hands of consumers, the most effective means of ensuring that they actually see and read a flyer, postcard, brochure or newsletter is through direct mail.

According to 2010 DMA Statistical Fact Book, 79 percent of households read or skim through direct mail materials. Other methods such as posters on telephone polls, newsletter handouts or coffee shop flyers are less evident in their return on investment and – by virtue of being indirect – are less personable to the recipient.

As for materials for your direct mail campaigns, postcards may be the most effective approach, as they do not require envelopes or an abundance of paper.

"Postcards deliver results because there is no envelope to open and the designs are (or at least should be) readily eye-catching," writes Joy Gendusa for Mortgage Professional Magazine. "This, at minimum, ensures that your prospect at least views your message, even if the card eventually ends up in the trash. When created with a solid strategy, a postcard campaign goes a long way towards solidifying your credibility in the community."

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