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Direct mail campaigns should be personalized

One of the major challenges direct mail marketers face is in convincing recipients that their materials are not in fact "junk" and that they retain a certain value.

It is true that consumers receive a great deal of mail, most of which is useless, but as a marketer, your job is to separate your brand from the rest. One of the most important means of accomplishing this is through personalized campaigns.

"Targeted direct mail gives you a better chance of closing a sale, as you are making a statement and differentiating yourself from all the firms that just advertise online," Steve Dyer, member of the Direct Marketing Association, told "The success of a direct mail campaign is dependent on small firms being very data-focused and highly selective about who they send their mail to."

However, to forge an effective direct marketing campaign, it is also important to introduce new mediums into your overall mix. For example, a recent study by the UK's Royal Mail found that combining direct mail with other marketing media increases return on investment by as much as 20 percent.

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