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Design, Marketing and Mailing Tips To Help You Grow Your Business!

Eight simple steps to make sure your business flourishes.

1. Strong offer: Create a powerful offer and consider using that as your headline. Make sure the offer has an expiration date.

2. Emphasize benefits not features: Think about what your product does for the customer and state that clearly on your postcard.

3. Use postcard mailings as your personalized customer service tool: Send personalized birthday, anniversary reminders, product announcements, and updates with a personal touch.

4. Top of mind: Mail repeatedly throughout the year to stay in front of customers and in their mind.

5. Start a club: Rather then refer to your market as “customers,” refer to them as members of your club and send them exclusive information and offers regularly.

6. Be unique and stand out: Change the sizes and even shapes of your postcards to maximize results.

7. Say what you want them to do: Don’t just announce your sale, ask them to come in and ask for their business.

8. Use timeliness in your mailings: Take advantage of seasonal and regular activities that your customers will be going through to make your mailings relevant and beneficial to them.

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