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Deciding on what to send in a direct mail campaign

Direct mail marketing is most effective when campaigns are able to isolate a target demographic. Indiscriminately sending out letters and print material to a wide population will likely yield a low return on investment, as the majority of consumers are readily able to sift out mail that is not important to them.

Marketers who want to ensure their materials are delivered and read by consumers should know it is important to stand out – that is, be creative. Place graphic design as a high priority, as consumers will respect businesses' attention to artistic representation.

It is also important to keep reading material slight. Unless a prospective client requests more information, they are not likely to read a pamphlet that doubles as a doorstop.

"Send a minimum amount of literature early in the sale – just enough to impress the prospect with your capabilities and make him want to meet with you," writes Eric Kunin for Inc. magazine. "Save the comprehensive literature kit for your in-person meeting or for a later stage when the prospect has invested time in you and has more motivation to fully read it."

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