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Creating a Greener Direct Mail Campaign

Good environmental practices come from some of the most unlikely places, as they usually involve small-scale changes in routine that add up to a global shift in how humanity impacts the environment.

However, these changes in how businesses conduct their operations are not only about social and environmental pressures; a great deal of money can be saved through more efficient direct mail practices, for example.

"Over 6 million trees and more than 300 million pounds of paper are wasted each year on undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) standard class mail, as reported by UAA Clearinghouse," ZD Net quotes Greg Brown of Melissa Data as writing. "It costs the Post Office over $2 billion annually to process this true 'junk mail.'"

Imagine the savings – both on an individual business level and on a global environmental level – that could be achieved through the reduction of UAA mail. What's more, the steps involved in reducing costs are extremely simple. It's as easy as downsizing, recycling, correcting, and a number of other intuitive procedures.

And that's only a business' mailing procedures. Other practices such as workplace recycling, greener paper products and bicycle transit programs can all add up to a whole lot.

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