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Content Marketing is For Both Print and Online Media

Print marketing has managed to hold strong through both the recession and the web media revolution that followed. While few deny that its success is a testament to the medium's traditional appeal, print does nonetheless face challenges in the coming years.

For instance, connection is now ubiquitous, with online presences now expected, as opposed to appreciated. However, the universality of social media and search engine marketing strategies has generated a new demand for original and engaging content.

"Competitiveness is no longer gauged by how connected you are (connection has been completely democratized)," wrotes Jennifer Matt in a blog post for WhatTheyThink magazine. "Your ability to compete will be determined by the discipline you invoke to disconnect in order to do the original thinking that is required to drive innovation."

More importantly, this trend is not limited to the online world, as print and traditional channels have also been forced to adopt content-driven strategies. Direct mail is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

In this face-paced environment, consumers will only take the time to read or interact with mailings if they directly address the individual's concerns or interests. This means marketers need to adopt personalized campaigns, as well as a renewed focus on graphic design, clearly written copy and, of course, engaging material.

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