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Business cards remain a strong marketing technique

Despite competing technologies on the web and in mobile devices, business cards are still a very popular way for professionals to promote their business offerings. Because it is often the first impression a professional makes on a prospective client, a well-designed and informative business card can be the principal reason for marketing success or failure.

Many professionals underestimate the power of the business card and so only include the most basic information within it. Professionals looking to improve their business card should consider personal statements, unique graphic design and promotional offerings as ways to catch the attention of clients or business partners.

Lea Delaney writes at that a strong business card should have both a unique selling point and a free offer. “(The) unique selling point is simply the one thing that sets you or your products and services apart from your competitors,” she writes.

Another standard rule that professionals follow in regards to their business cards is to always offer a few cards at a time. If a prospective client or partner requests a business card, give them two or three so they may hand them off to other professionals, thereby maximizing your marketing exposure.

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