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Brochure Holders Important for Brand Marketing

While it is very important to properly plan the layout and content of a company brochure, it is also vital to purchase brochure holders to properly display the print marketing materials to potential consumers. Brochure holders not only hold the brochures in a space-efficient manner, but they display the brand name, logo and information in a way that creates awareness of the company to curious consumers as well as people just passing by.

The tidiness of a brochure holder cannot be overlooked, as materials are sorted and arranged in a professional manner enabling consumers to view the cover, take a copy for themselves and even place the material back in the holder without disrupting the organization. Because the holders are usually made of transparent material, companies no longer have to leave brochures lose in order for consumers to view them. That tactic could leave marketers with ripped, bent or missing brochures.

Many companies will use brochures and their holders because the material is conducive to the product. The cruise ship line Avalon Panorama was recently launched, and had its first Suite Ships brochure printed for the upcoming 2012 vacation season. Using the brochures to their full marketing potential, the cruise line company featured their flagship Panorama and two other ships on the cover, along with eight different European itineraries to the printed marketing tool, eTravel Blackboard reported.

The brochure highlighted the ships' features and destinations, and included photos of the ships in action to entice the traveling consumer, the news source reported. As the brochure is easily transported and stored, it will be distributed from various travel spots such as airports, train stations and travel agencies. 

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