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Best Marketing Campaigns Innovate Not Imitate

Many companies cannot outspend their competition on expensive advertising campaigns and promotions that basically buy customers away from other brands. Instead, most companies must find unique, innovative ways to engage consumers and communicate information about available products or services.

In a recent post on Business 2 Community, marketing expert Nikolas Allen wrote business owners must reject the standard approach to marketing their products, and project a meaningful difference to set them apart from their competition. When companies imitate the same marketing strategies other businesses have used and found success with, it is difficult for consumers to understand the difference between the companies, their offerings or what they can gain from choosing one product over another.

According to the news source, marketers should first identify the quality advantages of the company's products or services so as to properly communicate to consumers the brand's superiority over the competition. While investigating these benefits, marketers should also work to identify areas in need of improvement to help the business grow and prosper.

The Ritz-Carlton recently launched an innovative campaign that incorporates direct mail, email, social media and banner ads to spread the word on its new message, Media Post reported. The hotel's tagline Let Us Stay With You will be placed in ads that boast the company's logo as well as show consumers images of a typical experience in one of the hotels. 

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One thought on “Best Marketing Campaigns Innovate Not Imitate

  1. I totally agree with this website all marketing campaigns should innovate and not imitate. But it’s really hard to find something new every time.

    I don’t know what it was but we went scouting around looking at everything on the market until we met these folks that really out performed all the others. Thanks again.

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