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Typo-Thuggin’ it with 20 Edgy and Urban Fonts for Free!

Recently updated on January 20th, 2018 at 01:48 am

There’s a time and place for Garamond, Century, and Gill Sans but it’s not in this article. That’s because we’ve rounded up some of the most dangerous, rebellious, and straight-up awesome fonts that we could gather. Representing the edgier side of design, these urban fonts are free to download at the links provided and will give your artwork that bad-boy design feel that acts first and asks questions later!



Misdemeanour is a stencil font that looks like it belongs on a Banksy piece of artwork.

brooklyn font

2. Brooklyn

“Hey! ‘Am warkin’ here!” This Brooklyn font has all the edge and attitude of a Brooklyn native – a tough and smart design.

A Dripping Marker font

3. A Dripping Marker

Coming to a bus shelter near you! This dripping marker font is as rebellious as a font gets.

dock 51 free font

4. Dock 51

A supercool stencil font that looks distressed! So maybe you should download it for free and save it from a watery doom.

the battle continues font free

5. The Battle Continuez

Love this hardcore graffiti font that looks like it comes spraying with rebellious fervor, right out of the aerosol and into your designs.

kaine free font

6. Kaine

This is a retro stencil font that looks like it’s stepped straight out of a Spaghetti Western in the 60’s.

ultimate midnight free font

7. Ultimate Midnight

The dark night may have returned with this dark and brooding urban font.

inner city font free

8. Inner City

“We’re rockin’ that beat right across the street” with this old school graffiti font.

free scrawl font

9. Scrawl

Tag your designs with this wicked scrawl font

free octin stencil font

10. Octin Stencil

“Sound off, 1,2, sound off 3,4!” This is a font in seven different weights for you to download…Ooorah!

free kaiser font

11. Kaiser

Kaiser is a tall stencil font that has a retro wartime vibe to it.

free souper font

12. Souper

This is a souper-douper urban font that is fun in a cool and edgy way!

free font-velhos tempo

13. Velhos Tempo

A hand-drawn font that has a touch of punk rock baroque!

trashhand free font

14. Penultimate

The perfect amount of hand-drawn realism in this wicked font.


15. Riot!

This is an angry font that  believes the system is corrupt and we need to take a stand with riotous vehemence! (Calm down font…you’re cool with us!)


16. Suburban Legends

A great hand drawn font…with a flourish!

free gayarti font

17. Gayatri

A post apocalyptic urban font with a cool sci-fi vibe.

free distractor font

18. Distractor

A seriously cool weathered font for vintage posters and faded artwork.

free wasteland font

19. Wasteland

It’s only a teenage wasteland, but it’s also an awesome  rock n’ roll font!

free cigarettes and coffee font

20. Cigarettes & Coffee

If you want to create an uber-cool poster with a retro but modern feel, this is the font for you!


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