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Jewelry Hang Tags Printing

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Jewelry Hang Tags Printing



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  • Display rings, necklaces & more
  • For jewelry and other small items
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Put the Spotlight on Your Jewelry With Jewelry Hang Tag Printing

Good jewelry deserves to be shown in its best light. Jewelry hang tag printing lets you present and brand jewelry and other small items easily, helping you achieve a professional look to your presentation. Hang tags for jewelry can be used to emphasize your brand while allowing you to share contact details and other information your customers may find useful. Our range of options gives you full reign to use custom jewelry tags to explain what makes a piece unique, or simply use them as a backdrop to better show off the elegance of an item.

Speaking of options, custom printed jewelry hang tags can be ordered in different cardstock types and styles, giving you full control of both the look and feels. Styles include the following:


Post/Stud Earring

This is our smallest jewelry hang tag, sized at just 2" x 2", about the size of a standard passport photo. These square-shaped tags are compact and just the right size for earrings. You can thread posts and studs through pre-drilled earring holes in the tag for a neat appearance.


Loop/Hook Earring

At 2" x 2.5", this tag is slightly larger and more elongated than the post/stud earring type. This extra space is perfect if you need just a bit more space for your logo or copy or to better frame and hold larger hook and loop earrings. Like all our jewelry hang tags, loop/hook earring tags have pre-drilled earring holes for convenience.


Pendant & Earring

This is one of our larger jewelry hang tags at 2.5" x 4". The size easily frames earrings and pendants together. Pendants can be secured through pre-cut holes and scores on the tag and there are also pre-drilled holes to fit earrings of any type. These tags are the perfect type for matching pendant and earring sets.


Foldover for Necklaces & Bracelets

This is our largest jewelry hang tag type, at 2"x5.375" (folds to 2" x 2.5"). Foldover jewelry tags have a half-fold, and when folded, they’re the same size as the loop/hook earring tag. The fold securely holds the top part of bracelets or necklaces and other similar items, suspending most of the item below the tag. This leaves you free to use more of the space for artwork and copy since your jewelry won’t be obscuring any of it. Like our other jewelry tags, there are also pre-drilled holes for earrings, making this type perfect for matched necklace and earring sets.

You can print jewelry hang tags with a 1” x 5/16” sombrero hole at the top, making them ready to display on many standard racks.There are also coating options available to help you fine-tune the look and feel of your custom printed jewelry tags. We offer matte coatings that reduce the glare from lights while offering protection from moisture and handling, a gloss finish that adds a bit of shine to your tags, and a super-vibrant UV coating that really makes details on your tags stand out. We also offer uncoated tags for a superior texture, low shine under display lights and excellent writability.


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