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Wedding invitation print and design ideas

Preparing for a wedding is a notoriously stressful and complicated process, and one of the most contentious projects is designing the appropriate invitation for the occasion. Standard wedding invitations are white and usually emblazoned with ornate paper frills and type fonts.

But for couples seeking to create an invitation that reflects the natural creativity and uniqueness of their partnership, you may want to consider a few alternative invitation design ideas.

"Bold colors – like bright yellows, blues and even reds are perfect for a summer or springtime wedding," writes Amy Eisinger for "Use those colors in a standout graphic design that includes stripes or bold geometric shapes and patterns (another trend) to really give your guests a clue: They're in for a fun, lighthearted affair."

What's more, designing or painting the invitation yourself can cut back on costs while also evoking a more personal appeal to guests. However, vintage designs by professionals can give that extra bit of pizazz that an invitation needs. Not to mention, vintage cards in square shapes have been on the comeback in recent years.

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